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If you're looking for some of the world's best voice over professionals you'll find them in Los Angeles.
In a matter of clicks you can access the best and most professional talent this city has to offer. And you can do it with NO STUDIO FEES, NO CASTING DIRECTOR FEES and NO COMMISSION.

Los Angeles Voice Talents offering FREE voice over auditions and the best rates online. Need an affordable voice actors? Try us out FREE!


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  • Searching talent on The Voice Realm was easy. Eduardo worked with me on a Spanish language version of a project I'm editing, and even though I don't speak Spanish, he made things easy on my end by editing his own file. The turnaround time was amazingly quick, and sounded great! I'd gladly recommend The Voice Realm to other producers and editors.

    Mark Colegrove / Video Producer, Creative Media Productions BSC Operations

  • I was looking for Spanish talent and did a google search and discovered the Voice Realm. Their site was easy to navigate and my client immediately chose the talent suggestion I pulled from it.
    The talent did an amazing job and we were able to meet a quick deadline and make a client very happy. I'll definitely be using The Voice Realm again for other voice projects. Thanks guys!

    Tim McLarty / Owner, Ontrack Communications Inc.

  • The Voice Realm was the 4th or 5th site we viewed online...and it really stands out from the rest.
    The talent has been top notch and very willing to get things done right, and in a timely manner. It's obvious that the talent has first rate, professional recording studios. We have had voice talent deliver our audio as quickly as 2 hours...with with all breaths and extraneous noise already removed! AMAZING!
    The Voice Realm is our new "Go To" solution for voiceover work!

    Tom O'Reilly / President, O'Reilly + Associates, Inc

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We only list the most experienced and dedicated voice talent on our site.

You won't find any amateurs here that waste your time, missing deadlines and not responding.

If you don't find the perfect voice for your project then you don't need to pay.

Need to hire a voice actor in a hurry? Look for voice talent with 4 hour turnaround times.

We've got the best guarantee in the business. It's why we are used by advertising agencies and casting companies around the world.

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    • California & Global professional voice actors for hire

    You need to hire a voice actor from LA? We can help! If you don't find a voice that you like, you don't pay. It couldn't be easier.

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    Why Use a Professional?

    Some of the world's biggest advertising agencies and voice over talent agencies are located in this media mecca and it's because of the large number of talent that we're able to give our clients the options of thousands of voices in all sorts of accents, languages, dialects and genres.

    From the Hollywood Hills to the record number of television shows and movies currently in production, there's voice actors on every avenue and in every borough champing at the bit, hungry for work.

    We've collated the best of the best and now present you with the most advanced voice casting website in the world.

    We've made the process of casting a voice actor online so simple.

    Our site is so easy to use, that now anyone can find and hire the same dedicated sound that comes from studios of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Sydney and other international and local cities.

    Find the perfect actor for your project. You'll save money, time and our automated system handles invoices and receipts instantly.

    Get casting today!

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